3. (For Your Happiness)

by Spirit of the Void

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Album 3 in a 7 album creation story. Meditative, reflective, and raw. It'll bring your insides out. Recorded in Rijmenam, Belgium at DVR Recording.


released March 27, 2017

Guitar, vocals: Christopher 'tommygun totin'' Connors
Guitar (1-5, 9, 10): Isaac 'boy wonder' Sullivan
Harmonies (1): Lucie Lefauconnier
Pedal steel (7): Jef Marinus
Drums (8): Tom Schiepers
Brushes (10): Chris Joris
Recorded, mixed, mastered by Danny Van Roosendael at dvr studios



all rights reserved


Spirit of the Void Apple Valley, Minnesota

The Spirit of the Void is a 7 album creation story.

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Track Name: No Mind
He’s living on a pastors dream, but he's all out of breath. He’s been laying down for so long that it doesn’t feel like rest. “My thoughts they push and pull.” said that man in distress. He’s been spending his last 35 years jumping between his first and his second steps. -[c]- You’ll hold me down you’ll hold me up, yeah, but I [can] hold the world when you fill my cup. You hold me dear, you hold me free, your yoke is light like the sunshine on the first day of spring, yeah I’ll make it through gethsemane. There ain’t no measurement for a human being, still you drink your piety to the dregs. Now you’re staggering off it and your bed’s too narrow. Man, I think your god’s name is ‘self-preservation’. Reading bibles like penny pinchers, that ain’t no labor of love. Whether you sleep too much or don’t sleep at all, the answer is in none of the above. The matchless-one’ is not impressed at all. Quit thinking ahead, you’re better off not thinking at all.
Track Name: To: The Nest On Low
He’s talking sweet like lightening crosses from the east to west holding hands with his politician grin locked in a smile; but not from laughter. Sign me in to break my body and desires let fires consume the books and inefficient-see the pages of the past? They’re taking to the sky! Buy this book to take a second look, let it infiltrate your soul and learn to win at sports, and art, and rising again. But -[c]- Jonathan Prosper, man you’ve been talking awfully loud. Jonathan Prosper, man you got your head stuck in the clouds. Jonathan Prosper, man you make your own promises but your checks bounce. Jonathan Prosper, man if this is your plan I’m out. Mislead me with western christianity and all the things that you consider holy, gained, just slip a hand into the air. This is a stick up with promises as weapons, they threaten that you’re not all that you can be, just have the faith and your problems will be solved.. or else you can sing this with me: -[c]- I will be whatever father asks me to be. A janitor, or a framer, or a warehouse junkie. I don’t need to succeed all I need is my best friend. My father gave himself to me and I have no other demands. And that’s all I have to say about that, it seems like hearsay but then again I never met the guy.
Track Name: Good News Boots
Lord, He has washed my feet // Be still and know
Track Name: Can I Get A Whisper
Can I get a whisper, lord? Just a little sliver more. To keep me going on. Rein me like the river, lord. The clouds are getting thicker; let em go to keep me going on. Just keep me going on however you want.
Track Name: Desert Time
In the darkness of the soul, find the hidden, find the whole. -[c]- all I long for is you. Into silence I dive headlong. While my good and evils float to the top. -[c]- In a whisper all was formed, become silence, hear clearer. -[c]- Past rejection purges forth, dig me up, lord, dig me well. -[c]- In the quiet, nothing moves. On day seven, the worth is shown. -[c]- A word is just a break in silence. Become stillness, find yourself and all you’ll long for is him. All emotion is integrated. All is shown and desires are one and -[c]- Become the prayer, do, do not think. Release your weakness = reveal your strength. Be still and know that I am God. Be. You can. I am
Track Name: You Will Have Rest
Years pass by like ocean tides. None can see the battles raging inside. You’ve come to loath, cause you don’t see growth -that’s deep down, but who are you now? But you are not alone. Brother you are from my world. Sister you are from my world. Where nothing makes sense, cause you're an alien. You can’t live on mars. Just like you can’t live on earth. Needs can’t be met. I prove it with every passing day, I float away. But you will have rest with eternity. And when you’re thirsty and run down and need eternity right now. Come into my secret place, it is here that I wait.
Track Name: This One's Free
This one’s free for the Speakers. To take some time with the things that you’re covering inside. This one’s free for the Dreamers. To take some time with your mom and your dad before you fly. Yeah just visualize what you’re covering up inside. This one’s free for the Entitled. Maybe it’s all your fault, but you’ll figure it out. You’re a beautiful thing. Just take some time with the things that you’re covering up inside. Let it leak on out your mind. This one’s free for the Drinkers. I got news for you, there’s only one way to be eternal and you can’t fake that with drugs, you’re only human. But you can do it. You’re a strong one. This one’s free for the for the Travelers. To take some time with the things that you’re scared of; including yourself. Lets just take some time and it’ll get better. This one’s free for the Succeeder. To not get swallowed by your own legend. To not forget to tell your dad that you love him. Don’t forget to tell your mom that you love her, and that you don’t take them for granted. Don’t forget to tell my sisters that I love them. And my brother, how I love you. Yeah just take some time. It’s free.
Track Name: Our God Reins
The decorated captain lit a fire begrudgingly. Tossed in the amulets, idols, and corpses of the enemy. Called my name, expecting joy, asked, “how’d you like to see your family?”. I don’t remember what I said, but I made off just the same. And -[c]- Our God reins. Figured I’d try to fall in love now that I’m back and I’m old enough. But I couldn’t find a girl who shared my craving for sleep deprivation. Brokenhearted and board, life felt like a movie I’d seen too many times. Drank several toasts to my Holy Ghost ’til he turned to molasses in my veins. -[c]- Then I happened upon a few old friends who knew me back when I was still ‘that man’. Tried to help me on my feet with phrases even I couldn’t beat. But still I wasn’t me, but call me next time you throw a costume party. I know this world’s not home but theres gotta be a place where I don’t feel so alone. Where -[c]- I know you don’t owe me the time of day, but you can’t expect me to play any other way. I’m dust and just a gob of clay. Work me and I’ll be anything you say. Just say -[c]-
Track Name: 2p311
I’ve been called a drunk and a punk. Call me down up front, try and get me stuck. I’ve been called. I’ve let it all. I’ve been called a fake, and a flake, and a prude. But I’ve been called to loose. I’ve been called. Let it fall, ’til I desolve. May it fall.
Track Name: Next Stop: Horizin'
Around and around on the ferris wheel, making my moments last. But I’ve counted these colored lights 47 times and I’ve got this Micky Mouse melody memorized. *Pop *Pop *Pop goes the fireworks, they’re disappearing colors to the night. How I wanna go out like that, but, I’ll see you back next July 4th weekend. Now there’s onward marching on the treadmill. “Next Stop Horizon” is misspelled upon the handle. “The last man died trying to get us there, but he didn’t have the glutes that I do.” *Argh *Argh *Argh runs the protein man. Glances down at his fit-bit. “Well I’d give my life if it got us there, but at this rate I’ll be dead by Sunday. Well, shit.” (He ended up quitting). And there’s 44,000 singing virgins (actually 144,000, I misspoke). I can’t believe theres that many of us left. I’d trade my life to be included. I guess that looks like this: this. keep on. keep on again. Keep on living again and again and again each day. Keep doing that.